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Department: English Language Arts

English 9

English 9 is designed to introduce students to a variety of literary genres, both fiction and nonfiction, while providing the foundation students will need to compose well developed and well supported essays in all of their high school classes.

English 10

Students enrolled in English 10 will continue to sharpen their reading, writing, and analysis skills through a study of fiction and nonfiction literary texts, including novels, poetry, short stories, drama, and essays.

English 11

Students enrolled in English 11 will focus their study on the genre of American literature, beginning with the origin myths of the Native Americans and continuing to the poets and authors of today. Students will discuss, analyze, and write about those readings using literary elements and personal reflection.

English 12

Students enrolled in English 12 will focus their study on the genre of British Literature beginning with the poems and epics of the Anglo-Saxons and continuing to the poets, playwrights, and authors of today. This course will encourage critical thinking and research skills which will be used well beyond the high school classroom.

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