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Life/School Skills

Department: Career & Education Development


This Freshmen class helps the student transition from elementary school to high school. We use a journal-type booklet called “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”, written by Sean Covey. The Freshmen class curriculum is reinforced in Transition class. For example, if there is an upcoming test in Physical Science, we study for the test through a variety of learning activities.

Foods A-Z

This class covers the basics of food preparation and then evolves with the student’s interests in culinary arts. Food and kitchen safety are emphasized as well as exploring foods through the alphabet. Introducing students to new foods, health and nutrition are focused upon.

Tasty Literature

This class starts with a Multicultural Unit, exploring key vocabulary like tolerance, racism, diversity, culture, etc. Students read a country-based book and learn about the customs and culture of that particular country. Students prepare the foods that are introduced in the book, as this class is a little bit of history, geography, English with writing prompts and vocabulary. It’s a class that is across the curriculum, involving many aspects of education.

Project Learning

Students learn how to safely use machine tools and hand tools as we design and construct various projects for sale, self and the schools. Students are involved in all aspects of these projects from design right up to the final project and sales.


We Mean Business! Students explore the basics in running a business. Sample activities/projects students participate in are: making and selling catnip and dog bones, creating a market survey to see what the school population is interested in, in regards to potential snacks we can make and sell. We will run a school cafe so students can learn the basics of working in food service.

Life Skills

This class involves several units, life skills that they will experience when they live out on their own. For example, career exploration that includes discovering their interests and aptitudes. Job search skills are key in the beginning of the class. Students are “hired” for the job of their choice if they pass all the job search requirements, including an interview. They “earn” a weekly paycheck for the job they envision themselves having and learn to maintain a budget on this amount. They have living expenses to pay on this budget, learning about rent, car buying, cooking on their own, the decision to become a parent, etc. CPR certification is part of this class in the spring.

Jobs For Maine Graduates (JMG)

JMG partners with public education and private businesses to offer results-driven solutions to ensure all Maine students graduate,
attain post-secondary credentials, and pursue meaningful careers.

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