JBHS Principal

Principal's Message

To All Parents and Students,

Sports are an integral part of our overall curriculum at Jonesport - Beals High School. We will always keep the health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches, and bus drivers as a #1 priority when it comes to athletics. We will do our best to follow through with all our scheduled or re-scheduled games, meets, and matches when we have enough healthy members to make up a team. With the onset of Covid 19 for the first time this year, we will monitor our situation on a day-by-day basis and make the rational and necessary decisions to stay safe.
I will just say that students who have been vaccinated and students who join the testing pool will have a major effect on our school participation in extracurricular activities. The bottom line is, "the more students who are vaccinated or in pool testing "increases our chances of having enough players to play a game.
With all of that said, I would encourage all student-athletes who have not been vaccinated to join the pool testing model. Pool testing, done weekly, will increase our opportunities to participate in athletics for the year.


-- Michael Kelley

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