JBHS Teachers & Staff

Kathy Beal

Special Education

Email: kathy.beal@union103.org

Education Background: B.S. in Business Administration (UMM), Special Education Certification (UMF), M.S. in Curriculum & Instruction (UNE).

Interests outside of school: Reading, beach, walking.

Tony Beal

Social Studies

Email: tony.beal@union103.org

Education Background: JBHS, UM Bachelor of Science and UM Masters.

Interests outside of school: Hunting, fishing, fitness, weight lifting, sports and being a dad.

Barbie Cirone

Administrative Assistant/Guidance

Email: barbie.cirone@union103.org

Education Background: Graduate of Jonesport-Beals High School and Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Interests outside of school: Cooking, crafts, and time at the lake.

Randy Hunter

Mathematics Teacher

Email: randy.hunter@union103.org

Misty Kelley

Administrative Assistant

Email: misty.kelley@union103.org


Morgan Look

Art Teacher

Email: morgan.look@union103.org

Robin Monini

Aquaculture and Auqaponics

Email: robin.monini@union103.org

Christopher Mullen

Science Teacher

Email: christopher.mullen@union103.org

Becky Watkins

English Teacher

Email: becky.watkins@union103.org

Allison Willard

Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher, Technology Coordinator

Email: allison.willard@union103.org

Education Background: UNH Bachelors in Music Education and UM Masters in Education.

Interests outside of school: Spending time at home with my family - furry and otherwise,working in my gardens, on projects around the house and to enjoy a good book.

Mitch Worcester

Physical Education and Athletic Director

Email: mitchell.worcester@union103.org

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